I'm sure whether we do TFT LCD design or not we have all heard from a grandparent that they walked six miles to school in snow uphill in both directions. Not sure that's possible or if we learn something from that but I do know I have always appreciated the stories from the engineers I have worked with for the last 40 years in the electronics industry. I walked into a (friendly) competitors booth at the Del Mar show (DMEDS) last week and heard an engineer lamenting about the error in his board reversing the LCD pin out on a flex cable connector. I have not met anyone that has not done this. I recommend laying everything on the table, the PCB connector the LCD flex jumper if used and the LCD on the table and literally plugging everything together and then ohming the power and ground pins alway back to the LCD and be sure you confirm power and ground on the LCD via a capacitor or ground plane on it's PCB if exposed. And always a second set of eyes even if not an engineer just explain it out loud and voila, smoke free LCD connectivity!