Back when we started EarthLCD in the early 90's it was a black and white world in embedded systems. Color TFT displays were very expensive, and design was complicated. Through a happen stance of events I met a brilliant engineer by the  name of Michael Sieluzckyi who had built a serial color LCD as part of a design contest for Circuit Cellar and he won. He also happened to use a surplus LCD I had bought a boatload of on spec. That LCD was the Sony ACX705AKM7 from Motorola. I picked up the phone and well we agreed on some changes to make it faster and voila, ezLCD-001 was born and the beginning of a multi-million-dollar product line that has been in test cars, airplanes, medical devices, instruments for testing train tracks, audio gear, guitars, and even kitchen mixers. 10 years later I met Masimo Banzi and was inspired to do the first dual processor Arduino an ezLCD combined with an Arduino. It was called the arLCD. And believe it or not both of these products are still available.