ezLCD-456 - 5.6" VGA LUA Programmable HMI Smart Touchscreen LCD (Beta)

SKU: ezLCD-456



AMAZING, fourth generation, intelligent, all-in-one, touchscreen "ezLCD" technology now with LUA HMI. It features 4 times the performance of the 3rd generation ezLCD. The ezLCD-456 uses the LUA programming language for rapid development of complete dynamic user interfaces HMI, embedded instrument or any application where you need a touchscreen based controller for your next ezLCD's have been the serial Smart Touch LCD of choice for the last fifteen years for Top Tier Medical, Instrumentation and Industrial equipment manufacturers looking to outsource the GUI portion of their product. It can still be used as just the GUI portion of a product or by using a simple snap-on board be your entire product. 90% of your product is done! Benefits of the ezLCD-456 include a 640 x 480 Color TFT LCD with a resistive touch screen. It contains a 180 Mhz STM32F429 ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller running at , 8 megabytes of DRAM, 2 Megabytes of code Flash and up to 32 GB of SD Flash storage. Connect to any microcontroller via serial port in seconds.


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