ezLCD-5035-RT 3.5"

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Production Ready Touchscreen GUI Solutions

Engineers have told EarthLCD for over 28 years that designing in a touchscreen display from scratch is time consuming, difficult and expensive. Here at EarthLCD we decided to make it easy with the ezLCD. We shipped the first smart color LCD (ezLCD-001) in 2004. You can focus on your core competencies while we give you a plug and play smart touchscreen display solution. Our supply chain experience as the world’s first “TFT only” LCD distributor assures you get a product for the long run. In fact, we’ve supplied our first ezLCD for 18 years and counting. Let us reduce your development cost and supply chain headaches with an integrated solution.


  • ezLCD-5x 5th Generation Smart Display
  • 475 MHz Arm H7 CPU with 16 MB SDRAM
  • 8 GB Flash SD card
  • Bare Metal Instant On Operation
  • Lua Scripting for Rapid Development
  • True Type / Open Type Scalable Fonts
  • Hardware jpeg Graphics


  • ST Microelectronics 475 MHz STM32F7 32-bit ARM Cortex-H7 processor
  • 2MB Fast internal SRAM
  • 16 MB SDRAM
  • 16 MB SPI Flash
  • Micro SD Card allowing up to 32 GB customer supplied storage
  • Ethernet PHY
  • TTL & mipi LCD controller supporting up to 1280x800 displays
  • Hardware JPEG and motion JPEG Video Playback
  • Rich hardware I/O set: GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, ADC, DAC, PWM, and CANbus
  • Optional preconfigured STM32Cube development environment
  • Instant on with NO LINUX operating system.
  • Extremely low power


  • ezLCD Smart LCD Command API
  • Lua scripting language for rapid user interface development and product simulation
  • USB CDC, MSD (flash drive)  for rapid programming, update, configuration and data storage
  • USB Debug Output to monitor an external host on serial, i2c, CAN or Ethernet
  • Instant On Operation (No Linux)
  • Secure Firmware and CRC High Reliability Communications
  • MQTT Enabled Buttons over Ethernet
  • Scalable Fonts (OpenType, TrueType)


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