arLCD Smart LCD ( Programmable in Arduino )

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ezLCD + Arduino Uno = Touchscreen Magic! HMI & PLC Alternative 

A smart ezLCD GPU with the Arduino Uno R3 on the same PCB. The 3.5 TFT display has 64% more area than a 2.8 LCD ( 4duino ).  Ideal for thermostat control, lighting controls, home security, audio control, water level gauge, robotics, operational control, and button switches.  All LCD and Touchscreen functionality is handled by a second 16 bit processor with all Arduino UNO functionality available for the user's project. Simple widgets allow easy implementation of meters, gauges, sliders and buttons within the familiar and easy to use Arduino IDE. The arLCD is a long term available product.  The award winning Touchscreen arLCD is ready to accept most Arduino compatible shields. Unlike other LCD solutions only two pins are required from the Arduino interface!

The arLCD is designed for prototyping, educational, embedded, instrument and industrial control  purposes. The LCD is a 300 nit 320 x 240 color TFT with a resistive touchscreen.

The arLCD is part of the 'Arduino At Heart' Program which means that Arduino LLC gets a royalty on every unit sold. For projects needing a larger screen consider using an ezLCD-304 for 4.3" size. The arLCD is based on the PIC24FJ256DA210 (driving the LCD) and the ATMEGA (running Arduino). For high performance and more I/O the ezLCD-5x family including the ezLCD-5035-RT has a 480 MHz processor. 



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