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arLCD is a full smart ezLCD GPU with the Arduino Uno R3 on the same PCB in a thin, easy to integrate package with a panel mount bezel available in the near future. The 3.5 has 64% more display area than a 2.8 LCD. The arLCD combines the Arduino and the award winning ezLCD into a single product, ready to accept all Arduino compatible shields. The arLCD can be used in many applications such as thermostat control, lighting controls, home security, audio control, water level gauge, robotics, operational control, and button switches.

The 300 nit 320 x 240 LCD used the The Tianma TM035KBHO2 industrial display that has been available for over 5 years from EarthLCD. While great for educational purposes this is an OEM quality built and tested product that is currently designed into volume medical, home automation and instrumentation. Pricing, specifications and availability are subject to change.

All documentation and drivers are available at: The ArLCD Github Repository

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The arLCD is part of the ‘Arduino At Heart’ Program which means that Arduino LLC gets a royalty on every unit sold.

For long term projects consider using an ezLCD-3xx with an external arduino with an ezLCD-304 for 4.3″ size or ezLCD-405 for 5.6″ size.