ezLCD-5050 5.0" Serial Smart Touchscreen LCD - Shipping Q3 2020

SKU: ezLCD-5050-CT



ezLCD-5050-CT smart LCD is a complete embedded touchscreen LCD system with a 5" 800 x 480 IPS 800 Nit High Bright Color TFT touchscreen selling at an introductory price of $199 (1 per customer). Operating as a smart LCD or a stand alone micropython based embedded system! 

ezLCD-5050-CT - 5th Gen Smart LCD with the  LUA scripting language and the ezLCD GUI API is usable as a serial smartLCD on an Arduino or Raspberry pi or as a stand alone HMI touchscreen, PLC, instrument or industrial controller. This premier member of the  ezLCD-5x family  is a full function HMI designed for not just electronic engineers but design and user interface specialists, Audio-Video integrators and educators. Features the 480 MHz STM32H757 dual core microcontroller, 16 MB RAM and 16 MB Flash, a 5" Touchscreen LCD and a introductory price of $199. The ezLCD One is based on the EarthSOM-H7 system on module. It is the flagship for the complete ezLCD-5xxx product line that will feature from 3.5" to 15" TFT LCD with resistive and captouch touchscreens. Different LCD's and also custom versions will be available. EarthLCD's 25 years in the TFT LCD industry and 15 years of building smart LCDs will be reflected in this ground breaking product available in Q2 of 2020. ezLCD's are part of lab instruments, weapon systems. medical devices and industrial control systems. The ezLCD is also part of the first dual processor arduino introduced in 2013 the arLCD and part of the Arduino at Heart program.

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