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EDK Assembly for 30x Products


Kit Includes: EDK board, Two USB 2.0 to mini USB cables,
3.7v lithium battery, standoffs, jumper shunts, and a screwdriver.
Compatible with ezLCD-301 and future 30X models ezLCD-30X
Interface connector on board. Full-featured EDK board with
RS-232, RS-485 interfaces two mini USB connectors:
ezLCD-301/30X power and flash drive access. Measure
voltage, current, and temperature; 3.7v lithium battery support.

  • I2C temperature sensor
  • I2C ambient light sensor
  • 3.7v lithium battery support: charger, two connectors,
  • power switch
  • Piezo buzzer and external buzzer connector
  • LED drivers
  • Interfaces: RS-485, RS-232 (DB9)
  • I2C memory pad provisions
  • USB to serial bridge with mini-USB connector
  • 40-pin interface jumper matrix
  • Reset button
  • 10-pin terminal block with LED indicators
  • 10-pin terminal block for RS-232, RS-485, I2C hardwire
  • connection
  • Built in 10:1 voltage divider
  • Voltage and current measurement


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