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ezLCD-Expander Board


Boost your signal, connectivity and power options with the ezLCD I/O Expander Board

Ideal for distributed control systems, point of information or signage display applications, the I/O Expander Board seamlessly connects to any ezLCD-3xx smart, touch LCD to create a fully integrated, managed display system.

As an accessory to the ezLCD family, the I/O Expander Board provides engineers multiple options for power, interface, number of I/O ports, signal distance, and utilization of audio feedback.
Interface options include: RS-232 and RS-485. RS-232 delivers signal strength up to 50′, and RS-485 multi-drop connectivity distances of over one mile!

When connected to any ezLCD-3xx product, the I/O Expander Board:

  • Expands the power input range from 4.5v to 50v
  • AC or DC
  • Expands interface options by providing RS-485
  • (half and full duplex) and RS-232
  • Delivers RS-485 multi-drop connectivity spanning over a mile, and RS-232 connectivity up to 50 feet
  • Expands the number of I/O’s to 26 – two analog, twenty-four digital
  • Provides audio feedback via beeper


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