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EarthVision x1 LCD Controller


The EarthLCD EarthVision-X1 is an LCD controller that can control virtually any TFT LCD up to a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Factory assembly, integration and customization is available for OEM orders. The EarthVision-X1 series of LCD controllers makes display integration into your new or existing application easy.


This innovative LCD controller ‘Designed in California’ by EarthLCD integrates a full HD LCD controller, backlight power and OSD button user interfaces on a single PCB for maximum reliability while eliminating cables.


The in house supported EarthVision-X1 firmware allows RS-232 control and monitoring of brightness, certain OSD parameters, LCD health and splash screen. A DIP switch allows auto power on, default input, disable input change and other options to be set without upgrading the BIOS. User controls can be locked for digital signage and other public uses.


Commercial and industrial applications include:
ATM machines, industrial equipment, instrumentation, kiosks, military, medical, arcade games, marine, security, test equipment, gaming, or any other application requiring a color TFT LCD display. EarthVision-X1 is are also ideal for LCD demo boxes. EarthLCD offers customization of the EarthVision-X1 for virtually any display application.



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Product Description

• Drives 320×240 to 1920 x 1080 VGA and composite input controller card
• 16:9 and 4:3 Display Modes
• HDMI Input
• DVI Input
• VGA and 2 Composite Video Inputs
• LVDS Output & Optional MIPI and eDP Adapter
• Integrated OSD buttons
• Flexible High Quality Up and Down Scaling
• Wide Range of Standard & Custom Input Frequencies (ideal for CRT replacement)
• Commercial and industrial applications
• OSD controls: contrast, phase, clock, color, H&V position, auto-tune, recall
• User Download-able Splash Screen
• RS-232 for LCD Health Monitoring & Configuration Button Lock
• +12 volt power Input (And custom option)
• 7 Year availability *