ezLCD-2023-SE - 3.5" HVGA Programmable (in Lua) IOT HMI Smart Touchscreen System (Shipping Fall 2024)

Touchscreen Type: Resistive Touch Screen
Sale price$149.00



The ezLCD-2023-SE (2023 Special Edition) is a 5th Gen ezLCD Smart LCD  that showcases all technology available in standard and custom ezLCD-5x products. With IOT capability and numerous I/O interface not only can an ezLCD be your products GUI touchscreen but can also be your entire product!  be your network and IOT hub of your product providing network connectivity and your full embedded system. Just add your application, packaging, test and Ship It!!! Save time, money and supply chain grief!


  • LCD: 3.5" HVGA 350 NIT IPS 320 x 480 pixel 16.7M  Color TFT LCD
  • Supports Landscape or Portrait mode with perfect viewing angle
  • Touch Screen: Resistive (Capacitive Touch Screen Option Available)
  • Processors: 480 mHz STMicro STM32H730ZBT6  ARM M7  Processor & ESP32-C3 RISC V Processor
  • Memory: 16 MB DRAM, 16 MB Code Flash, 8 GB SD (USB Flash File System)
  • Network: ESP-32-WROOM Wireless Module
  • I/O: 3 Serial, RS-485, 1 CANbus (requires external transceiver), 10 Parallel I/O, SPI, i2c (on QWIIC Connector),  
  • Hardware Rotary Encoder Interface


  • STM32CubeIDE
  • ezLCD API
  • LUA with ezLCD-5x API supports rapid prototyping
  • Micro Python (on ESP32-C3 RISC V Processor)  (Coming Q4 - 2023)
  • Arduino (on ESP-32 Processor) with ezLCD API (on STmicro processor)

The mature ezLCD API can be used by your external microcontroller or you can use the onboard processors of ESP-32 wireless processor. The ezLCD embedded touchscreen system  is now the customizable engine for your next great product, project, or prototype platform. 5th Gen ezLCD is the Rapid Touchscreen Development Platform for your next great product.

ezLCD's have been the serial Smart Touch LCD of choice for the last twenty years for Top Tier Medical, Instrumentation and Industrial equipment manufacturers looking to outsource the GUI portion of their product. It can still be used as just the GUI portion of a product or by using a simple snap-on board be your entire product. 90% of your product is done! The ESP-32 provides not only  802.11 b/g/n (Wi-Fi, WiFi, WLAN), Bluetooth(BLE) but also the ability to program in the Arduino IDE. Connect to any microcontroller via serial port in seconds. An ESP-32 adds OTA programming capability and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. If your IOT product requires a touchscreen try the ez way! A QIIC connector adds instant connectivity to 100's off the shelf i2c sensors from SparkFun and Adafruit. The ezLCD team with 30 years of designing and building LCD touchscreen products can be at your disposal. From the operating room, the laboratory, the factory and even outer space EarthLCD has helped many medical, instrument and industrial product innovators Get LCD Right the first time and on budget. This special 2023 edition is the first in family of compatible products to be available eventually in 5.0", 7.0", 8.8, 10.4" and even larger. Contact sales for customized sizes, I/O and software options.

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